Day 7, From Chicago to St. Louis Missouri Area

I evidently skipped a lot of days from the last post, but I wanted to write about this while it was fresh in my mind still. Today's drive was somewhat uneventful, but that can be a good thing. There were a few highlights.

Getting ready to leave for home on the last day of a trip can be unexpectedly exhausting! I forgot about that part! Packing every last thing, dragging along after a hard week of pushing yourself can be tough!

We left our hotel, Embassy Suites, one of my favorites, right after noon. We had to take a quick drive by a potential college up there for our oldest son. So that was interesting. In the process of doing that however, I realized I was leaving one of the great lakes without really getting to see it. It was lake Michigan! I realized, I had only seen a very little bit of it, through reflected light our first night in Chicago. It was pretty, but I definitely didn't get to see that lake!

We drove around on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. It was actually a very beautiful place! The buildings on one side were so cool, and the huge lake on the other and its beaches full of people. It was like the ocean to me! I was so happy to see it.

My husband dropped me off for a few minutes in one spot, and told me to be ready in five minutes. I snapped a bunch of photos of Lake Michigan! I was so happy. It amazes me how content I can be with seeing and being near a large body of water, no matter what it is!

We then drove home many hours down main interstates. My main thing I began to do at one point was to take photos of random barns along the path through Illinois. I didn't remember parts of Illinois being pretty, but I saw lots of nice little things on this trip. I made many comments about it also. I liked the trees, ponds, rivers, fields, and barns all along the way. It was kind of nice. I decided that with barns and their sometimes short lived lives, I wanted to capture whatever I could. I took a good couple of handfuls of photos of them.

We stopped at a rest stop, something I never mind doing. We ate at Wendy's again. I love their value menu. We are home. Man, home is such a nice place to come back to when you have been gone from it. Sometimes, going on a trip helps to cure any possible "the grass is greener" kinds of thoughts people can have.

Home is nice, no matter how imperfect it is, isn't it? Thanks to my family for a great time! Thank you God for allowing me to go on a nice trip again. I feel so grateful.