Day One, Saturday. Saint Louis, Missouri to Dayton, Ohio

Day One - Saturday.

We were going to leave earlier, but this Saturday was part one of a two day long hiking class for a college P.E. credit. We wanted him to finish, so we left later on.

This was kind of a non eventful day, driving from Saint Louis Missouri area, to Dayton Ohio.

One special thing that happened was that we got rain finally, as it was during a drought, and then a rainbow! Then, add to that, another rainbow! So, it was a double rainbow! That never happens. We were so happy, and I will try to find my "not so great photo" of that rainbow, as we were driving and it was hard to capture it.

One other strange memory I have of this mainly "driving" day, was in Terre Haute Indiana. We ate dinner, and had to get some gas. We stopped in Terre Haute Indiana, and the pumps were all filled. No one wanted to leave their spot, and we were waiting a long time, and it was late and we were tired. It was crazy how they didn't move out of their spot to let others in. Just odd.

Excited to be on the trip though!