Day One, Saint Louis to Colorado Springs

Colorado or Bust!

After a long, 12 hour drive, we have arrived in Colorado Springs Colorado. We took I-70 almost all the way here, going west of course. Kansas is one long state to cross, East to West. Here are a few photos of the day, and while they are nothing exciting, it gives a feel for our very long day.

One of my favorite things, was seeing a huge field with sunflower after sunflower in it. I was driving at that point, so I couldn't capture it, but I don't know that it would have turned out anyway. So lovely!

One thing to note in particular, is that we are still in a long drought through many states in the United States right now. We saw many dried up ponds, and scorched corn fields, which was so sad. We even saw some cows standing or laying in a dried up pond area. One thing that was encouraging, is that a little bit of rain hit certain parts of the state of Kansas, which was a relief. Poor cows!

The photos above, tell about my day.