Thursday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Our first full day in Jackson Hole was not too eventful but very nice all the same. We did actually go down the Alpine Slide in Jackson. All four of us did go on it after all, even though I was kind of scared at first! Its a huge slide down a mountain, two actually, side by side. You go up on a ski lift to the top, then slide down. Both the ride up and sliding down was so fun! I raced my husband, and my boys raced each other. You can slow it down quite a bit actually, so it feels safe as you need it to feel. The boys loved it, and so did we. My favorite part of that was the views and I did keep on smiling all the way down, it was exciting!

After that, we did walk down in the shopping area of Jackson, Wyoming. We saw lots of art galleries, and one really neat Fine Art Photography Gallery. We saw the four corners of antler or horn arches around a central park kind of area there. When I looked up in advance, to see pictures of Jackson Hole, I always saw those antler arches. :)

For dinner, we went off site to the Granary Restaurant, which was so nice! We were the private party up there, and there was a reception time where there was mingling and drinks, etc. Such lovely beautiful views, and even a lightning "show" at the end with a storm that kicked up. We were kind of running to the cars as the wind got crazy and it started to sprinkle. :) The food was delicious...I had a filet mignon little steak, with potatoes and broccolli, but the surf and turf dish was out of this world, with bison and fish and more.