Cheyenne to Jackson Hole Wyoming

We had a long day today, but it was very beautiful. I am currently very very exhausted. Its late, and I can finally sit down, its after 10pm. The Cheyenne downtown was so cool looking, and I wish I had more time to enjoy that city. I would highly recommend the Great Plains Hotel there.

We took the scenic drive through very beautiful places today. One city that surprised us was Debois, WY. There were beautiful hills there, like the Painted Desert. It was just so pretty. We drove through an Indian Reservation as well, called Wind River. The rivers flowing in and around all these parts of Wyoming are swift and so beautiful.

We are now at the Snake River lodge, in Teton Village, not that far from Jackson Wyoming. I guess the greater area is called Jackson Hole. We have not seen too much, but one of the amazing things we saw were some buffalo, lots of them! They were beautiful, huge creatures, and we could hear them as well in the distance.

Looking forward to maybe exploring a bit tomorrow, but for now, I am just drained.