Friday in Jackson Hole Wyoming, a family trip

Our trip is great, but man am I exhausted! I wouldn't trade it though, and I feel very thankful to be a part of this trip. Woke up to a nice breakfast that they serve, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage patties, some kind of breakfast bread with syrup (pancakes one day, french toast the next), juice, and starbucks coffee, so a real treat.

I had an appointment at the Spa at Snake River Lodge to get a pedicure and manicure....Not too much to say right now about that.... It was a very nice set up, relaxing, and I had a nice talk with the lady there about her dad and my dad and their struggles with health, etc. I felt like I knew her and her dad by the end, and it wasn't forced, just a nice talk.

After that, I went back to the room, and my boys were out on a hiking trail that said there could be bears there! My son said he thought he heard a bear a couple of times, and I said to get back soon as he could because of that lol, but more so because we had to go on our float trip with the larger group of people. It was a nice, long, floating trip down Snake River, very very beautiful and scenic, more than a white water rafting trip. Lots of people said they thought it would be more of a white water rafting scenario, but it was never advertised quite like that...Just a scenic trip which was perfect for the group we were with. It included smaller children, and older adults as well, and lots of beginners. The float trip was a super lovely beautiful time. I took over a hundred photos of just that, lol(oops...don't usually share how many I take..who cares though anyway :p)

It was a long float trip, and all were tired when we got back but it was time to get ready to go we did. For dinner, we took the mountain gondola ride up the mountain, VERY high up! This was to go to dinner up at the top in a nice restaurant up there, and to mingle again during a reception time. They served bison/buffalo and lots of other food that was so fun to try. Even at the end, the baker that made all the desserts was there and I had the best lemon meringue pie I ever had in my life. Fun night, talking with some wonderful people from Puerto Rico about business down there...oh and there was live entertainment, one lady singing and playing on a keyboard. My younger son kept asking me if she might play a Charlie Brown Song, and she did when I asked! She got a big smile on her face and did awesome! Many people requested music, and we were so full, and I had some coffee and green tea while we visited the rest of the night. Earlier, I had some of the white wine they offered... My boys had Shirley of my favorite ever drinks. :)