Driving from Colorado to Wyoming Today

Today we woke up in Aurora Colorado, then drove to Denver Botanical Gardens in Denver Colorado. The garden was so nice! It was lovely to see its unique features and we ended it all with the O'Fallon Perennial Walk garden, just lovely!

We spent most of our day driving all through the Rocky Mountain National Park. There were so many twists and turns, it was so nice! We went up above the tree line, and it got down to 48 degrees on August 2nd! There were spots of snow up high, and creatures all around. Beautiful Moose, elk and deer and chipmunks, all kinds of birds, etc. We took some time really looking around, and stopping out at different pull outs for terrific views. I loved the water spots... and it was so neat because it was a partially stormy, rainy day with breaks in that. So we had lots of clouds, and cooler weather.

After that we went through Estes Park and loved that area. We got coffees at Kind Coffee, lol. Out the back, there is a river flowing pretty hard and it was so cool. I got a coffee drink called Ring of Fire, lol. It is a mocha, with cayenne pepper in it. It was hot and so awesome. It might be one of my favorite coffee drinks ever.

Tonight, we are in Cheyenne Wyoming, at a really neat,100 year old hotel, called The Historic Plains Hotel. Movie Stars and Presidents have stayed here. Its neat to have this experience, in a area and State that none of us have ever been before. Keeping it kind of brief, and so tired... Having fun seeing all the beauty on day two. I am taking way too many photos too, lol.