Thursday and Friday

Jumping back to a few days prior, here is what we did on Thursday. When I mentioned earlier, about what my dad wanted to do, he mentioned that we should do what we did before. He said we could go to the beach again, to Balboa Pier, and get breakfast, etc. When I asked him, he said yes, that sounds nice. So, that is exactly what we did! I thought...maybe it will help reinforce the memory some, but we both love that so much, that even if it didn't, it would be good and enjoyable for him. A change of pace, a chance to get out and get some exercise, etc.

They were actually working on the pier, with very large equipment. It didn't hamper the visit though. We got some pictures also, which I will always treasure. Something that was very sweet, is that my dad now eats very very slow... He takes his time, but I find that this is great for all of us. You just have to budget your time in such a way, that they enjoy it, and you all can enjoy each other. No pressure... So, that is exactly what we did :) He got a great breakfast, we watched some people fishing, he joked around, etc. Our favorite thing, was their cinnamon roll french toast, its wonderful! Coffee, eggs, bacon or sausage, its all so good. I would highly recommend it. In the mornings, on the weekdays, in January, is a great time to take your time out there. I will try to share some pictures from the pier later on. So be sure to check back.


In the evening, we arranged to go see my Uncle's daughter play in her water polo tournament at her highschool. Before we did that, we met my one Aunt at Starbucks for coffee. It was a great night, and we got to see my Uncle, and his wife too. We had nachos with jalapenos on them, and rooted for my cousin. It was a good time.