Last 2 days...

Monday, was a day spent getting ready to go really, and helping to go over ideas for future care of my dad. I spent some time talking to my sister, and to my husband, and to people on the phone that help others dealing with parents that have alzheimer's. So that was fruitful, and gave us some more information during this hard time. I was hoping to maybe go one more place, but it was more important to cover some other things. We had a good time still too, and we watched shows together with my niece and laughed and had a good time, eating left over candy from the movies, and having lemony iced tea.

When the next morning rolled around, it was time to get going quickly, as we wanted to meet up with my Aunt Donna for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, then go on to say goodbye to my dad. We had a great breakfast together, in my favorite booth there :)

Going to say bye to my dad gave me mixed feelings, because there wasn't much time :( He was confused some, but happy overall, and wanted to know about all going to Hawaii together, like that was where I was going, lol. What was so odd, is he couldn't have known we were just talking about Hawaii over breakfast, when he wasn't there. He oddly, seems to know some things that we have been thinking about or knowing about, something we never noticed before. Its just coincidence, but funny still.

They have a nice backyard where he lives, and we went out there some before we left.
My flight was out of John Wayne Airport... stopped once on a layover, then on home later in the night, and on to work the next morning.

I am so thankful, for the chance to visit with my dad. I don't know what the near future holds for us all. I worry about him, and don't know how much time he has. I know that one of the best medicine's for him, can cause sudden heart failure, and that really scares me. So again, that, with the combination of memory loss, makes me feel incredibly grateful to get to see him. He knows me still, and is happy and calm, and that means the world to me. He seems comfortable, despite all the changes in his health and life. I am going to keep praying for him. Sending love to my dad and hugs...