Midweek, in Southern Calirnornia, Aliso in Laguna

I just wanted to highlight one portion of this day, because I want to always remember it. This has been a long haul, learning all there is to learn (and I haven't touched the surface of that really, this i still new to me), and taking it all in. I was able to go down to the beach, by myself, as people were busy, etc, and it really gave me some time to reflect, think things over, get some more shells and pictures, and see the beauty along the coastline. These are some of my very favorite things. I was there when the the sun went down. I went down to the left, where the tide pool area is. I remember being here years ago, with my two boys, and my dad. He was showing them all kinds of things, like he used to show me when I was a young girl. Not much time has passed really, or doesn't really seem so. A lot has changed though. So I was there, watching the waves crash, and it was neat to be by myself, and see some others at the beach too. I love to watch the birds, and I was just observing everything. I helped a little sand crab get back to the water, he had been washed up higher up on the beach there. Because of the storms, and rain the prior days, there was a lot of driftwood on the beach, and some shells and rocks left, that I don't normally see. I watched the beautiful sky change, so quickly really.

One of my favorite views was of the waves crashing, with the sunlight shing through them, as the sun was setting. The sun was so low in the sky, that the light came right on through the side of the wave, or back of the wave. It illuminated the water for quick seconds, and it made me feel really good to see that. I love the ocean, and never take it for granted when I get to see it.

As I was leaving, the temperature dropped, and people were starting a couple fires in the firepits. They were using some of the wood that washed up on the beach for fires. I listened to music on the way home, and thought some more about everything. My sisters husband picked up In and Out Burgers on the way home. I'm very thankful to my family, and to God for everything.