On to Laguna Beach

Next morning, my sister and I headed out early to go to Laguna Beach, the main beach. This is the one where there are volleyball courts, lifeguard stands, etc. I hadn't been to this beach in some time, and its where my sister wanted to go. Right before we got there though, we stopped at a nearby beach, just to get a quick picture, and I am so glad we did. It was the beach where Aliso Creek is. It empties out there. I LOVE this beach, and went there many times as a kid and growing up. I truly miss the big huge pier that used to be there, what ever happened to that pier? Never had I seen such a neat pier. I need to research sometime, what happened to that pier. Anyway, I got some neat pictures that showed some birds and the coastline there. :)

Right after, we did go to the main beach on Laguna. I was so happy to find, that the recent storms they had, washed up a LOT of really cool shells. Mind you, I was born and raised in Southern California, and NEVER, have I seen a beach full of cool shells as I did this day. If you knew how much I love all things having to do with the ocean, you would know how happy I was. I wish I had a big bucket, or bags to carry all I was finding. Besides a wide array of shells, I found sea glass, as well as sea "pottery" or sea "china". This was an absolute first to me! There was a broken piece of china or pottery, that was white with a blue desgin on it. It was smoothed around the edges, just as it would have been from rolling around in sand and rocks. I grabbed it up. I also tried to take pictures, but they weren't as great in my opinion as the first quick stop we made. The color was better, and more rain was on the way, so perhaps that inhibited the better color for pictures.

I went on through to the area at the right on the beach, but no longer picked up anything after that point where the sign says not to. Still, I found the coolest shells, from that beach, many in pretty good condition. This was a super high point of my trip.

To top it off, we went to BJ's pizza, there at Laguna right on the other side of PCH. (Pacific Coast Highway, 1) They have great deep dish pizza, and I got the buffalo chicken pizza, but the plain cheese with tomato is great too, thats what my sister got. Before we left this area, we stopped by the See's Candy store on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), to get some of our favorite chocolates.

Later that night, my sister and I went to a movie called, It's Complicated, which was really fun. We got popcorn, etc. That was really a fun day, and I am so thankful for the shells and pictures and memories. :)