Sunday Trip, Wyoming to Montana

We drove and stopped off and on all day it seemed, except for some parts in Yellowstone National Park. We saw the geysers there, like Old Faithful, etc. It rained on us during part of that time, and we were cold and wet for some of that time. I got some neat pictures though, and it was so neat to see how the water spurts up from the earth, often boiling. There was lots of sulfer mixed into parts of the water, which had an interesting smell and color as well. Life doesn't grow too well where the water does this.... its just pretty barren, but there were some really neat pools.

One of the prettiest areas was a particular canyon on the way out of Yellowstone park, which was a one way drive. I loved that area. There are many pretty creeks along the way which were breathtaking. Tomorrow we see more in Yellowstone, which I am excited about. People are starting to get tired I think...we need good sleep. We are staying at Three Bear Lodge in Montana, just outside of Yellowstone.