Saturday in Jackson Hole Wyoming

We woke up, had breakfast, coffee and juice. We are getting too spoiled, as we never have this nice of breakfasts at home. Then we left for a day drive the Grand Teton National Park. It is so beautiful to drive through there. You see more of the Grand Tetons of course there, and we saw String Lake and Jenny Lake, both very beautiful places.

One of my favorite things on this trip are the Aspen trees. I love their white bark, and how I learned something new about them. Generally speaking, a grove of Aspen trees are all from one main root system. They are one of the largest living organisms in the world. Isn't that cool? I loved learning that bit of trivia.

Even more cool than that however, was seeing a grey or blonde looking wolf! I kid you not, we saw a wolf, because it was too large to be a fox, and its ears and head looked like a wolf. My boys didn't see it, and were so disappointed though. Later, we saw a big brown bear! THAT was so exciting! He was foraging around in the forest in the grasses and logs. Almost as interesting as that, was the people stopping their cars to all observe the bear. It was a crazy mess, and the forest rangers came around eventually to get on the people/kids getting too close to the bear. We saw a sign that there was a mother bear and her cubs crossing the road, but we never saw them.

Later, almost back home, we saw a mother moose and her baby in a pond area, and I got a picture and I am so excited about that!!!!!! It was just beautiful to me to see. We all loved it, and the people loved it too that saw it. I hope to see more wildlife before this trip was over.

Tonight, our dinner was on site..and it was another very nice buffet.