On Saturday, we did some basic household things, but later we went to see a matinee movie, Leap Year. It was so fun, I went with my sister and her daughter, my niece. We got candy, soda, and popcorn of course, which makes it the most fun. Its a fun movie, kind of a chick flick, about a lady that is pursuing love and marriage, but learns a lot about herself in the process. It takes place in Ireland, mostly, and there are some really cute and lovely scenes. I would recommend it, I know we all enjoyed it.

Later, we went to my sister's church, its a huge church, and they have Saturday services. I always enjoy visiting new churches, and seeing how they operate, etc. They have lots of great things for kids of all ages. I had been struggling off and on with my sinuses, but thought maybe I had been getting sick. I didn't see my dad on this day, but that is fine, as seeing him everyday may have been overkill anyway. It spread out the visits a little while I was there.