Cody, Wyoming to Keystone South Dakota. Summer Vacation

Tuesday on our trip, we woke up and got on the road in Cody Wyoming, and travelled to Keystone South Dakota by the end of the day. We were fortunate enough to go to the Devils Tower in North East Wyoming. It was an awesome, and very spiritual place, which sounds odd to say. Its held very sacred, the whole place is, to many Native American people and others as well. You can see prayer cloths tied to trees, even prayer yarns and threads. I hope to learn more about the history behind that, and the meaning. They ask all visitors to pay respect to these people and the place, by not touching or moving any prayer cloths, etc. There were a couple different places to do a hike, and I was so proud that I did the whole walk all the way around, as I wasn't initially feeling up to it. It was truly beautiful, with the woods/forest just being so beautiful all around.

The sights and sounds of the forest area, along with the little critters were so awesome. There were even lots of mosses and lichens all around. Loved the trees, rocks, everything, but especially the tower itself as it was a massive unique natural structure. I never had seen anything like that.

We drove on to Keystone South Dakota, and got in very late, and I had some herb tea. We are staying at K Bar S Lodge there, which is very nice. The strip looks fun, and Mt. Rushmore is gorgeous so far, that I can see.