My Trip To North West Arkansas Area

I recently returned from a short weekend trip to beautiful Northwest Arkansas in the USA. This is actually VERY beautiful country, in my opinion. I may be swayed a little bit because my mother was born there, but I don't think so! I also had a sweet grandmother that always spoke fondly of this area, and I was too young to ever take the trips. So its neat for me to get to go.

We left mid day on Friday, drove about 6 hours, and had a fun pizza and salad dinner with some of our family members that live there. :) My Mom's cousin lives in Springdale Arkansas, and that was our first stop. She has a daughter, a little older than myself, and she has her own daughter that just got married. It was wonderful to meet two new husbands that I had never met before. The family there is small, but growing clearly. :)

There are many pretty lakes, creeks, streams and rivers around. Not too far a drive away you will see bluffs and cliffs. It was hot, but it was also July so it was to be expected. I love the calmness there, the wind would blow and I could hear it in my hotel room. That is one of my favorite things to hear.

I tried to take pictures, like of the many barns we passed but didn't have much luck because of the light of day, or the speed of travel. Its just another reason to record in words what I couldn't fully capture in photography.

We had the pleasure of visiting their church as well, on Sunday. It was just lovely, and two of my cousins were in the praise band and really love to lead and sing songs. It was very heart warming, inspirational, and encouraging. The sermon was preached by a young man, coming back from Macedonia as a missionary. He is just wonderful, and going to the University of Arkansas for a business major.

One highlight of our trip, was Saturday night dinner, where we had live entertainment! It was at a cute little restaurant that I would highly recommend called the Front Porch Diner, I believe. Their food was incredible, and the live band was awesome! Ever had a fried coconut creme pie? Oh my, its on the top of the list almost, of some of my favorite foods ever, now. Go visit Arkansas if you can, its a lovely state. :)