My California Trip

I have made many trips to California, but this blog is made to start keeping better track of my trip, as life gets so busy and I can forget the details I want to remember. This trip will be the first record of hopefully many more trips to come. What prompted this trip is actually my father's failing health, but it may just be shock and no real reason for alarm. Truth be told, we are thinking its a severe form of dementia though, maybe beginning alzheimer's.

So here I am, visiting my dad and some other family, but the focus is mainly my father. Already I have had some great days, so I don't want to forget those.

Some of what I have done though here, is something others may want to do on a visit to California, so I will share some of my favorite things here. I took pictures too, those will be coming later on.

I love California, and probably always will. :)